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Nov. 23rd, 2005 | 11:22 pm
mood: cynicalcynical

Well, for those of us who commute to Aberdeen. Apparently. Probably won't be that bad but the forecast isn't encouraging. Spade is on standby. Shouldn't affect the bus tomorrow night but the rush hour traffic with possibly quite bad conditions on friday could be fun.

And to coincide with the worst winter since 1963 the Hatton Bends are being straightened. Apparently they are evil and kill people. Although once it's a nice clear run through Hatton, and people are going through it like a bat out of hell I wonder how many will get caught out by the undulating stretch of road just beyond it. Hmm.

Anyway the work should last 45 weeks but most of that shouldn't impact on the traffic flow/trickle. Seems fairly preliminary so far. And weather wise we've got Bear Scotland to save us...

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